kpop tag ;

{ from dyowifey }


- if haters ask you about kpop, how you describe kpop in your own words
- k-idol that you hate? (state why you hate her or him)
- desribe your k-idol type
- a memorable time that you want to spend with your k-idol
- if you can take ONE of your k-idol to live in malaysia who will you take?
- ONE merchandise that you really-really want it
- k-idol that makes you fall in love with him and cannot forget him
- korean name that you love?


- "well kpop is gay. i'm not going to blame you tho."
- no i dont have any. this thing is totally unnecessary 
- everything that jongin have are my k-idol type 
- took picture together and go eating chicken 
- jongin or yixing ((idk why i choose yixing otl)) 
- nothing hmm but a snapback  would be nice 
- jongin 
- anything that have Jieun in it 

{ from sofeyaya 


Your favourite k-idol is ..? Tell me 8 reasons .
- What will you do if your ultimate bias is in front of you ?
- You favourite kpop songs ? Give me 5 songs .
- Your first fandom ?
- Which group would you prefer to work with in real life ?
- Who is your favourite couple in We Got Married ?
- Which couple do you wish to be in We Got Married ?
- Do you dislike/hate any group right now ? Who and why ?
- What was the first kpop song that you heard ?
- What was the first kpop music video that you watched ?
- Who is your favourite kpop group leader ? Put the picture/gif of him/her .


- kim jongin . he can dance-he can rap-he can aegyo-he can sexy-he can imitate squidward-he's actually innocent-he dont give up on thing easily-he is taemin's bestfriend
- take picture together
- exo / into your world , sunggyu / i need you , nell / the day before , huh gak / hello , infinite / paradise.
- elf
- tvxq
- khuntoria ftw
- none
- i dont have any, babe
- super junior - sorry sorry 
- super junior - sorry sorry
- super junior leeteuk 

because jungsoo crying is the hottest thing evar 


- first k-idol that appear in your dream
- what is the most played kpop song on your phone
- a korean star that u wish she/he did plastic surgery
- favourite kpop fanfic author and give me one fic that made you cried
- if you can build your own kpop group which k idol do you want to put as the members ((max 6)) plus the group name hoho
- i wish i had stan .............. earlier because .......... ((fill in the blank otl))
- your favourite k-idol quote.
- do you agree kpop nowaday is getting boring and almost all of their music are too mainstream ? ((i really appreciate if you can state your own opinion on this))
- you will grow up , have your own family and eventually at the end, you gonna have to leave the kpop world. so, if only you can choose one . what a memory that you want to keep in your heart forever till the end?


http://whaddup-kreease.blogspot.com/ ((will always tag her pmsl))

and idk who else i shuld tag lmao ok everyone just answer my questions if you want :B notice me if u want to answer it and i'll put ur link in this post . btw thanks to dyowifey and sofeyaya for taging me . so yep thats all . have a nice day ahead guys :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 • 2:32 AM