graphic tutorial #5 : smoke effect


- kai picture from mama mv  ( x )
- thin smoke brushes ( x )
- inspired from this because someone actually request this tutorial from me on ask fm so i just gonna re-create it.
- i used photoshop cs5.
- category : simple
so lets start ;

1. open your picture > edit it (( crop , resize, fill the background or etc  )) > delete some unwanted part ; for me i delete luhan figure there by taking brush and color it with black.

2. download my ownmade psd here ( x ) and drag into the pic .

3. add new layer . layer > new > layer.

4. select brush tool and open thin smoke brush yg telah didownload tadi .

5. i used three types of brushes yg ada dekat situ but its actually up to your own creativity . choose any brushes (( white brushes ofc )) and terus apply dalam picture.

6. some of the smoke layer memang kena adjust opacity dia sebab kalau tak dia tak nampak natural . so adjust the opacity or erase some of it with soft brush. 

7. ok lepas je selesai apply smoke brush , click semua layer brush tadi and drag dia ke bawah psd group tadi . this is what my layer look like

8. and kalau korang tak buat step yg dekat atas ni , apa effect dia ? smoke tu akan jadi macam ni .

smoke tu nampak tak cantikkan ? yeah because color dia macam tak sama .

9. ok lepas tu dah boleh add text . and yeah you are done . 

my anterograde tomorrow inspired graphic TT__TT btw esok i have computer test like srsly tho im so nervous rite now ;;;; wish me luck guys .. 

Friday, February 14, 2014 • 6:14 PM