#happykyungsooday ;

there goes my fugly edit muahahaha ; i do this like at the last frickin minute sobs i just open my ps and open every texture dat i found then put in the canvas /sigh

anyway ; happy birthday to our mallang . eventhough you are not my bias ((ultimate bias)) lewl but i adore you like so much . the way you sing ,, your voice always give me chill . remember when the first time i found out that you have a heart-shaped lips , haha i was like "omg this kid is so rare and weird" bhahah ; but that is one of a reason why i like you . the eyes of yours that look like you will kill someone ;  no , its actually  cute and pretty in my eyes . that time when you performed "missing you"   with your lovely sunbae / ryeowook/ at smtown concert . oh god  i dont know how to describe it sobs ; btw let just finish it here before i go crazy haaaa happy birthday do kyungsoo , my bias' wifeu (kai's wife) lewl, uri exo squishy , stay healthy and dont overwork yourself . pls take care all of your members, dont fight with them gosh especially with kai muehehehe. stay fab <3 


Sunday, January 12, 2014 • 12:57 AM