random ;;

so i decide to change my bias page ;; and yeah page tu pun dah siap edit , idun even know why but i choose flowers as the theme ... ok tbh it's inspired by this fic ; { The Flower Boy (Three Flowers) } well thank you so much author nim ~~ hoho.. my bias page is soo simple cuz i just used my old codes but the hover part is a lil bit different. i spent alot of time tho on searching the right icon and edit it , all the flower picture and edit it again , also all the info of the flowers ; meep . took me 3 days to finish all the thing sobs.

and as you can see , my header has changed ! hehhh memang dah lama tak edit that kind of graphic . i don know how people call it , but i name it pop art kinda graphic. lol nampak ramai senpai edit cenggitu so i was thinking why not kalau cuba buat lagi and wallahh , jadi jugak akhirnya (( walaupun macam messy sikit )) yela buat pun tak sampai 30 minit , mana tak buruk pmsl .

actually before this i was planning to delete this blog . why ? theres too many factors tho, haters , copycat, irresponsible people, annoying people, ungrateful people, ;;;;;;;  people like this really giving me a hard time ugh i just hate it srsly . so yep after this , if i private my blog once again , thats mean i'm taking a rest from all this shit that going around .  and for those who really visit my blog to looking for photoshop tutorial and etc , i appreciate that :* also to hose yg bagi feedback and respond to it,, thats mean alot to me ok . bcs i'm doin this not to gain followers , it just i want to share my ps/blog skill and knowing to you guys . so .......... yep  thank you so much .

Saturday, January 4, 2014 • 3:54 AM