photoshop tutorial : moving pattern.

resources : 

- font : bira ( x )
- patterns : stripe ( x
- luhan kakaotalk picture : ( x
- i used photoshop cs5
- difficulty level 1 2 3 4 5 . this is actually very simple , you just need to major in basic of makin gif animation.

warning : i speak manglish ... cuz im kewl like that , hahah

1. ctrl + N for new. open new canvas , around 500 x 400 . 

2. fill the background with any colour. i choose #e6e6e6 

3. ok so select ellipse tool >  yang ada dekat board di tepi tu , ((right click and select circle)) then create satu bulatan berwarna hitam dekat atas canvas tadi. 

4. first , we need to load the pattern .    /how to load png file to pattern/

- download the stripe pattern from the provided link. 
- open salah satu pattern yang telah di extract. 
- click edit ((on the top)) and select 'define pattern' . just click ok if a box pop out. 

6. dah buat ? ok then select layer > new adjustment layer > pattern.

7.  lepas click pattern , file png yang kita dah buat ikut step 4 tadi tu  akan keluar dekat board pattern.   then pilih mana2 pattern yang korang nak. 

7. make sure layer pattern tadi berada di atas layer bentuk bulatan tu . and after that select layer patter > right click > create clipping mask. 

8. window > animation . to view the animation .

9. the concept is ; each time you add new frame > you need to move the pattern bit by bit > add new frames > move the pattern dan seterusnya sampai habis.   kalau nak senang , time gerakkan pattern tu , just guna 'up arrow' key on your keyboard. 

10. for me i take this yellow line as 'penanda' ((i dont know to explain that word in english otl)) because you know you have stop to add new frames and move the pattern when the yellow line  hit the end of the circle. 


my first frame on the left and my last frame on the right . 

11. hold shift key on your keyboard and select the first frame and the last frame then , click 0 sec to change your animation time delay. i used 0.18 seconds. 

12. add psd , text, or picture. 

13. file > save for web & devices to save your file .

if you have any questions , just ask me directly on my ask fm . thank you 

Sunday, February 23, 2014 • 5:43 PM