liebster award ;

so i've been nominated by Illy , Lea , Faza and Madi ((she's crazy lol)) . thanks guys , lova yahhh .  tbh i dont know how this award work. and do i have to answers all their questions??? odg if it is , this gonna be a long postttt /gulp/  ok lets start it . 

{ Questions from Illy }

01. Between something that involves math and fact, which one do you prefer more?
- hmm its totally depends on something. i love math but not add math lol seriously its hard. but i'm just okay with the two of it.

02. Have you ever cried when reading a fanfic // novel?
- omg of course !! sobs fanfics that made me cry a bucket are anterograde tomorrow and the broken vow 

03. What color do you prefer either pink or black? why?
- black . because black is fab

04. What is the genre song that you like the most?
- ballad .

05. Between vocal, rapper and dancer, which one that you like the most and why?
- dancer ? because my two ultimate bias are a dancer so ..... yep i just love it

06. The most played song?
- When You Look Me In The Eyes by Jonas Brother

07. Who is the person that you like his/her voice the most?
- tbh its taeyeon from snsd. idek why but whe she sings i just cant help but tear up especially when she sings a ballad song TT_TT

08. Among all the k-drama that you had ever watch, which character you love the most?
- song samdong ((dream high)) and wol ryung ((gu family book))

09. What are the one thing thing that you want to improve so badly?
- my english ......................

10. What does your first impression of me? /honestly pls/
- you are weird and cute at the same time hahaha ((im serious)) lol

{ Questions from Lea }

01. Name three fun facts about yourself.
- I cant and dont eat vegetables. lol the most brutal vegies i've eat is bean sprout
- i am a type of friend that will laugh at you when u did something embrassing haha
- i am so different when u meet me in real person . ((crazy and pabo))

02. What’s your favourite movie?
- the curious case of benjamin button

03. If you sang in the shower, what’s your favourite song?
- lately , Goodbye 20 by Lim Kim is my fav :B

04. What is your favorite quote and by whom?
- dont have any -

05. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
- takoyaki . haha its weird in a good way

06. How have you changed the most since you were in high school?
- seriously i cant remember haha

07. If you could be anyone for a day, who?
- the most richest person in the world - -

08. What superpower would you want and would you use it for good or evil?
- teleportation . seriously it just cool and whenever i want to go abroad i dont have to take a plane or et :p

09. What is one thing you’re passionate about?
- drawing or sketching .

10. Your most memorable moment in 2013.
- trip to legoland with family .
- i got a new sister :3 her name is zara

{ Questions from Faza }

01. List 3 favourite books you've read.
- can i list name of novels instead ?
- lafazkan kalimah cintamu
- aku bukan mistress
- tak secantik husna

02. What's your favourite color?
- Blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

03. Do you prefer blue pen or black pen when doing your school homeworks?
- black pen

04. What's your height?
- do i have to tell u omg (( 159 cm))

05. What's your weight?
- 47 kg

06. Your birthdate?
- 02 December 1996

07. Your bestfriend birthdate?

08. List top 5 favourite site
- twitter, blogspot, asianfanfics, tumblr,

09. Do you enjoy watching horror movies or romance movies?
- tearjerker movie hehe

10. Do you talking with friends outside or chatting using sosial networks?
- prefer chatting online

{ Questions from Madi }

01. Do you cry easily ?
- yes . one time i cried watching a 30 sec advertisment in youtube .

02. If you knew you would die tomorrow, what would you do ?
- i will spend my last moment with my parent and my whole family so i can die in happiness/

03. What's the stupidest thing that you've ever done ?
- steal an apple dekat kantin sekolah lol dont judge me

04. Who's your best / closest friends ?
- closest friend right now is faqihah .

05. Do you have favourite number ? Reason ?
- number 5 . doesnt have any particular reason tho . i just like it

06. If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet ?
- my late grandmother . i miss her so much ;(

07. What is one thing you'll never do ?
- Dating ..... euwwwwwww is just so awkward and not fab at all.

08. What's your worst habit ?
- forgot to switch off the frickin plug or anythin after i used them :p

09. What is the nicest thing you want someone to say about you ?
- " she's so kind and smart. i like her " ((cheesy odg)) lol

10. What do you think about me ?
- madihah . she's my bestfriend. she's smart and cheesy and witty. i cant remember macam mana kitaorang boleh kenal and im sure its all bcs of exo keke. madi is crazy but in a good way lol. love yah babe.. thanks for being with me till now even im such a weirdo little potato :*

i'm sorry but i will not going to tag anyone or asking questions because i know you guys are busy right now , school going to open soon and some of you will goin to hiatus and etc .so ...... yepppp . thanks for giving your time on this post lol. //flying kisseu// byee

Monday, December 30, 2013 • 10:32 PM