photoshop tutorial : stripe pattern background .

/requested tutorial/

1. new > make new canvas , 500 x 600

2. use paint bucket tool and fill the canvas with your favourite color . 

3. now for the pattern , download this pack  //credit : taeyanq//

4. open the pattern by click on layer > new fill layer > pattern. 

5. then, follow the steps below , 

6. and bila dah tekan load pattern tu , bukak la file yg telah di download tadi. 


7. ok now stripe pattern dah ada, if korang nak senget kan pattern tu macam ada yg dekat gambar yixing tu, 
pergi dekat layer pattern tadi > right click > convert to smart object 

8. then pakai move tool (( shortcut : v )) sengetkan and resterize kan pattern tu . 

9. you are done . now boleh masukkan gambar, psd or etc :) 

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Monday, December 9, 2013 • 12:16 AM