#HappyMauludRasul // #HappyJonginDay

ok first thing first i wanna say Happy Maulud Rasul to every muslims out there. He's our real idol ; our real hero. no matter how much you work , no matter how much you have fun , no matter how much you happy with everthing in this world ; please do not leave Allah The Almighty and our prophet, Rasulullah. tanpa perjuangan beliau di dalam islam , tidak wujudlah islam yang sekarang. semoga kita semua akan mendapat syafaat rasulullah di akhirat kelak dan ditempat kan dikalangan orang yang beriman . amin ya rabbal alamin. insha allah :) 


and for you mr kim . i just wanna say that im so proud of you . you have worked hard till now. i adore your determination , your hardwork in dancing. people says you are sexy and hot and fierce , but for me you just a cute innocent little boy with adorable smile. so yeah i wish you a healthy life. do not skip your meal and dont over-working . keep shining and smiling kim jongin . i heart you </3 

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Monday, January 13, 2014 • 11:51 PM