midnight rant feat jungkook


code name : jungkook
role : ruining everyone bias list 

this guy really make me die inside tho. idk mang bangtan sonnyeondan feels suddenly came especially on this man ; jeongkook aka jeongpabo lol. ((no im serious)) bhahah . the fact that his age is so close to me doesnt help at all ; and his voice tho plus his abnormal nose //insert legit tears here//

 . ok because of my feels for them suddenly came , i search for their songs and mvs on youtube and bammmm i found jimin, j-hope and jungpabo mv . lmao jungkook is such a cutie in  that mv nuff said haih tbh whatever he does are count as aegyo doh and yepppp few mins later,  i tried  made some proper gif for jungkook ((aegyo)) and to my suprise the result is major fail actually good ^3^ puahahahah

currently listening to their songs these day and im addict to :
 (( no, no more dream, we are bulletproof pt 2 doesnt count ok haha bcs its too dope))

- we on from O!RUL8,2?
- coffee from O!RUL8,2?
- the rise of bangtan from O!RUL8,2?
- satoori rap from O!RUL8,2? ((lmao i seriously love this song bcs they sang in dialect hohho))

ok i seriously need to buy their album tho . and play it while im doing my house chores hahah . ok i shuld sleep like rite now , its already 12 and something here . ahhh btw after this im going to start creating and making gif ((bcs making graphic is too mainstream hahah)) dududu below are my ownmade gif that i did  this night . i'm just goin to put half of it . cuz i already upload some of it on tumblr , you guys can check it out  here :*



Wednesday, January 22, 2014 • 12:47 AM