so i made a thing


hi again people; so yesterday time bangun dari tidur tiba2 muncul rasa nak buat proper fanmade video pakai sony vegas and heck no i was regret it at first -.- sebab sebelum ni just belajar biasa macam tu je like ((how to open picture, using transition or create our own video effect)) but now bila nak edit , kita kena padankan gambar/gif dengan beat music, font dia kena buat animation lagi, and etc  ... lol srsly pening kepala. (((but thank to god i actually can overcome that pmsl)) and actually , i dont use the effect on sony vegas but i edit the pic on photoshop, then later i open it on sony vegas . ((good technique lol ikr)) , took me two days to actually finish this ugly and 1 min 26 sec vid . heol . its really hard for a beginner like me tho

yeah this is how my sony vegas look like ; ;

one more thing gdi pls dont ask me the download link for this cuz i really dont remember TT_TT . here is the fmv i did ((literally jus a slideshow with lyrics on it)) . dont laugh ok i know it is not as good as senpai's video sobs btw i will try harder next time ; yolo

- title : EXO || M I R R O R S
- song used : justin timberlake - mirrors
- program used : sony vegas pro 11
- i do not own the pictures, credit to the owner
- watch in HD ? lol

thanks for watching peasants ; have a nice day hurr hurr 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 • 8:25 PM