Happy Birthday Kim Jongin

damn baby , happy birthday . omg you are a grandpa now . otl . you know what i am now mental breakdown bcs in your birthday , u are comin here to malaysia but here i am , sitting  in front on my laptop doin anything . omg i feel like a shit rite now . i shuld go meet you at the airport or smth !! fucktard i feel like wanna punch someone rite now . just wae u guys are comin here when i have my sch like seriously wae ????? omagosh /sobbing/

but idc ok . since today is your birthday . i'll forgive you tho :3 so ,

dear jongin ........ thanks for being born in this world . i really really cannot tell you how i feel when i first saw u in the first teaser . the first time when i saw your aegyo . the first time when i saw your bare shoulder . the first time when u introduce urself as 'the dancing machine' in exo . hehe . the first time when i saw u smirking. omgosh its all amazing . you are perfect . all the thing about you is perfect . remember when you being all sensitive bcs ur chanyeol hyung keep teased u about ur tan skin ? haha i think u are adorable okei !  u are my first bias tho , thats why u are so special to me . ur cuteness , ur fierceness, ur sexyness, urghhh i seriously can get over you . i'm not kidding . i hope to see your ballet dance in future . and i really really like really wanna see ur acting . that is my wish ok , jongin .

yes , keep smile like that, forever ~  . please dont overworking . cuz if not you'll be hurt . i'm not goin to let that happen ok. stay healthy . you are my everything . 

As your guardian, I will block the stiff windEven though people turn their backs to youIf I could become the personWho can wipe your tears on a tiring dayIt will be paradise

I, who has fallen in love with no other place toGo back, my wings have been taken away Even though I lost my everlasting life, the reason to my happinessYou are my eternity Eternally Love

i love you kim jongin 

p/s : please ignore all my fugly edit . sobs . i am rushing , that why.... ;___;
Sunday, January 13, 2013 • 11:28 PM