not so random

i just changed my blog look .  JUST A LITTLE . changed it because its already february hoho otl idk why but chanyeol just came up straight in my mind when i want to create the header. u are so lucky mister i was thinking of you instead of bby jongin lol. k nothing special happen these day tho ; currently busy watching anime ->>> ((free! iwatobi swim club)) AND PLS DONT TAKE ME WRONG OK IM NOT WATCHING THAT BCS IMMA PERVERT pmsl eventho i keep blushing on every single episode haha like srsly who can stand with half naked handsome anime swimming ohgawd.

but im  gonna reccommend this anime to you guys . the plot is awesome and the character as well . it doesnt really focus on love story or romance and i really like that. so far my favourite character is rei ryugazaki because. he so damn stupid and cute and the same . plus he soooo crazy.  this can ruin your life just like what they did to me  sobs . and i think my phone is broken or smthing ok i cant view the next episode tho it keep loading and freezing .  TT__TT meep already 3 am here and i shuld sleep or watch iwatobi swim club or else the humongous dark circle on my face will not going to dissappear . (( ugly me is ugly. . . . creys u shuld see my face right after i woke up from sleep tho otl so duhh potato i cant even ))

yeah nagisa idek why  lol

Saturday, February 8, 2014 • 3:28 AM