officially s e v e n t e e n ;

yep happy birthday to me ((and also my mom , cuz we share the same birthdate))  ^^ yeaayyyy.. i will remember this moment forever sobs . ramai yang dah wish dari pukul 12 pagi sampai sekarang its just so touching i dont know . madi with her cheesy-ness overload  hurr hurr damn girl xp dad sing happy birthday song  for me through phone , idk why he did that , ((almost cried)) . and i tell mr. A to sing for me and guess what!? he did!! omg i wanna cry lol eventho it just a voice chat thru wechat , i just cant .. suara dia macam cover2 je haha. anyway , thanks mr. A </333 just now wardah called me and wish me , eghh i miss her and my classmate so fuckin much TT_TT . also not to forget , my classmate , family and also tlist in twitter  i just wanna thanks to u guys for the wish xoxo love yah

look . even google wish ma birthday haha

Monday, December 2, 2013 • 8:22 PM