ayy gurlll

so hi guisee, im back after a week . ok trial is actually over and guess what ? the result already out . HAHAHAHAHAH tbh i almot peeing in my pant like ughhhh the A's that i manage to achieve is only ciput. its below than 4 . stupid me is stupid /creysss/ kecewa dengan diri sendiri ni haih ... anyway , most of my gred is increase. b+ belambak .. add math ???? hahaha kali ni lulus bermaruah. nasib baik fuhhh. final pun tinggal sebulan je lagi . rasa malas makin menghantui diri  srsly oh freakin no

currently watching master's sun ep 14 ....... odg this drama is so damn unique and on the latest ep he lost his memory frick just whyyyyyyy n u kno whut dekat ep 14 , i think he regain his memory back at the last moment and tettttt -to be continued- sobs. suka buat aku menangis dalam hati . putangina

can i ship kairis ? bcs they are cute ... their interaction at idol sport championship is justttttttttttt cute . reallly cute . kris will smile whenever kai speak or tell him something and then they will laugh together askjdg /oh god pls/  (((tak payah nak yaoi sangat , spm dah nak dekat)))) lol kei


Saturday, September 28, 2013 • 1:32 AM