so he cried again TT_TT

first , im sorry for being late to congrats them for their winning in music showss like srsly and today is their 3rd winning ......... yeah ermmmmmmmmmmm ok sekarang ni aku tengah bengang dengan suho ni ..... srs dia asyik nangis jeeeee drpd hari tu lagi . sedih ok . tgk dia nangis , aku pun rasa nak nangis hoh . time hari sabtu, jongin dah nangis an . haahahahhahahahaha banyak betul air mata dia , kesian ~~ 

anyway , i just wanna say that i'm proud to be one of their fans. i know its been hard for suho before , bcs he has the most training period among exo. thats why he cries so much. i can feel his pain . 7 years training. thats not a short period. suho yahhh ~ don't cry . exo members are always and will be by ur side. all ur hardwork before is paid. i love you. fighting :) 

Everything I’ve dreamed of in the past seven years came true in these three days - Suho

Monday, June 17, 2013 • 1:26 AM