anterograde tomorrow u__u

so yesterday i read anterograde tomorrow (x) and that was a big mistake everrrrrrr . omfg i'm crying like freakin idiot shit omf . i'm drowning in my own tears !  idk why dahell i even open it . why do i do this ? i know i i'll cry but i fuckin read it ! waeeee ;A; ya know this piece of shit is even more sad than 48 hours (x) and arbitrage (x) . my face was terrible . my eyes are red , there is snot running down my damn nose ;____; the story is just so beautiful . like seriously ! why do exotics have to be such good fanfic writer ? why ! just why ! omggehhhh /ugly sobbing/  god bless u authornim ~ god bless u . 

At first , I was like " what is this ? -.- ok let me read "

then at the 2nd chapter .

and when i reached at the last chapter ! omf i cant hold it anymore ! its like i have niagra falls on my face u__u 

i bawling hard at this line 
" Dont let me die hyung , Promise me you'll remember me. " 
“My heart is good. I’ll remember you there. I can’t remember anything about you, but when you hurt, my heart hurt. When you laugh, my heart laughs. I can love you even without memories so just hang on. Hang on, please?”
and this ! 
“My name is Jongin. I’m the writer who lives next door. See you tomorrow, hyung. Don’t forget!”

fuuuuuuuuuuuuu :( poor my heart ok . just thinking about it hurt so damn much . i can imagine kyungsoo when he tried hard for not to fall asleep cus if he does he cant remember a thing . cant remember jongin . cant remember their feeling toward each other . cant remember the memories that the had created together ! i can picture jongin trying his best to hanging onto the last bit of his life till he died . i can imagine their face and feeling when they kiss for the first time . i can imagine kyungsoo's look when he confuse , like he know he have something to remember but he cant . ;______; 

ok i'm fuckin done ! this is sooooooooooooooo sad .  so anyone who not read it yet , get ur ass and go read it u mofo ! make sure to provide ten  a box of tissues before reading it . and also , watch the trailer here and here  . wait , i want to recommend some songs that fit this fic , 

1. Nell - The Day Before 
2. Nell - Slip Away 
3 The Moon / Sun ost - Yeonwoo falls , The Sorrow Song of Love

so excuse me while i wanna re-read it and gonna drowning myself into kaisoo feels . ok bye ;A; 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 • 8:18 PM